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Sparks Racing

Welcome Race Fans!

Here you will find out information about the driver,owner and the crew of the Sparks Racing Team.  You will also find pictures of the cars from the past and present along with picturess of our friends!!

Photo Gallery

Check out these sassie chassie's  from the past and present.  Some are ours and some are friends of ours .... See if there is any one that you might  know there........This year's new ride coming soon.....


We are getting ready for another fun filled season at Brighton Speedway Park. The winter is just way to long.... so im hittign the track this weekend Feb 10th 2007 for the winter enduro, i will be driving a 1988 corsica that i built for my dad to race in the ragular race season in the new stinger class we have started up this year.

Racing Information

Brighton Speedway Park is open from april to sept. where I spend every saturday night either working on the flag stand or racing stock cars